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Minecraft Servers

This page contains a revamp of our original server checker which we repurposed to allow dynamic servers (specifically Minecraft). If you’re looking for the original list just filter by BNLS and it will be returned for you.

This checker was created for by fluffysurprise and is generally hosted by Pyro6. We had roots on Blizzard's original if any of you folks are interested, and you can find that information on the about page. We currently have no forum here at, but hope to get one up soon (as the one we had before is no longer functional). If you need help, have questions, or want to know why your server is on this list, you can contact us.

Disclaimer: This list is provided to benefit the community. If you want to scrape the data use the API for servers and save me bandwidth. The data is accurate to about 5 minutes unless the checker reports offline. The uptime epoch is October 13th, 2011. This page refreshes every 30 seconds.

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Official Europe ServersBNLSPhiX 160d 99%--234ms
{$row[ copy

Official ServersBNLSMatthew 156d 99%--484ms
{$row[ copy

Official ServersBNLSMatthew 26d 64%---1ms
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Official ServersBNLSAnubis156d 99%--140ms
{$row[ copy

Official ServersBNLSMatthew 156d 99%--78ms
{$row[ copy

Official ServersBNLSJoe41d 5%---1ms
{$row[ copy

Official ServersBNLSPyro166d 98%--0ms
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Unofficial ServersBNLSDark_Mage-298d 9%---1ms

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