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PyNet is botnet server software designed by connection_lost, and currently hosted by Pyro6. The server's purpose is to some extent allow the bots on it to communicate and effeciently work together for their common goal. It currently allows bots to:

  • Synchronously talk to other players (and their bots) on different servers, in different channels and different platforms
  • Pass bans around the bots on the network so the text-load is spread equally
  • Do things together that would otherwise be impossible
  • Completes this setup without too much interference or local modification on the bot's side
  • Go about it's business discretely as to not disturb people, and still have maximum usage

In short, the server allows bots and their owners to communicate and synchronise.

The server comes pre-installed, and is used by default on PyBot. It is also available for StealthBot (direct plugin link) and other bots that have plugins for it. If you have a highly active channel and want your ops to work in sync, you are welcome to join the server at and create your own channel. The administrators have the right to remove you at any time if you violate any of the server rules.

You can find the protocol specifications here.

Links: PyBot, StealthBot, PyNet Client for StealthBot (server cache)

(c) 2009 andy aka "connection_lost" or "vbscript" under the GPL.