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This is a status page concerning JBLS, BNLS, PyNet and other services hosted by various users and organizations. You should not scrape this page, instead use the consolidated list mentioned below. These JBLS and BNLS servers are hosted FOR FREE by the respective owners. This website, along with the bot that checks the servers was programmed by connection_lost (VBScript) and the bot is run locally by Pyro6. Additional thanks goes to PhiX for hosting this website. Note that the order the servers are presented to you is arbitrary. The status image generator below will create a small icon to denote the realtime status of the server chosen.

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Uptime Epoch: June 7th, 2009 (today is July 20th, 2019)

the updater is offline

The recommended server is bnls.mattkv.net hosted by Matthew.

Click here to access a plain-text list of official and online servers.

*As of June 20th, 2010, the location is updated at least once a day via http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup.

**The speeds are based on the last check, and originate from the Eastern United States.

Problems? Feel free to send me a message or email me. This data is accurate to about 8 to 12 minutes.

The average ping for 11 servers is 166, with an average uptime of 91.6%.
Non-Server Resources
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Official Europe Servers
These servers are Official Servers located in and around Europe.
phix.no-ip.org:9367 (&) (*)Berlin, PhiX connected 99.1%135
Official Servers
These servers are run by communities or by people who are active and respected in the Battle.net community.
bnls.mattkv.net:9367 (&)California, Matthew connected 99.77%256
 knight.mattkv.net:9367 Matthew connected 99.32%133
 bnls.anubisdev.net:9367 (&) Anubisconnected 99.69%126
 bnls.net:9367 (&) Matthewconnected 99.85%124
pyro.no-ip.biz:9367 (&)California, Pyro connected 97.12%475
wjlafrance.net:9367 There was an error in the socket when connecting.Virginia, Joedisconnected 93.18%5000
Unofficial Servers
These servers are usually run by miscellaneous people throughout Battle.net, and may have random uptimes.
bnls.war-lords.net:9367Alabama, war-lords.netconnected170 days 47.2%83
jbls.bhfiles.com:9367Massachusetts, Dark_Mage- connected 84.63%108
vps.clan-warp.net:9367 (&) There was an error in the socket when connecting.Texas, Clan Warpdisconnected 91.53%5000
Networking Servers
These servers are used for communication, such as PyNet/Sovereign servers and IRC.
sov.anubisdev.net:2190Colorado, Anubis connected 99.89%234
pynet.no-ip.org:1337 There was an error in the socket when connecting. (*)California, toshley.netdisconnected 84.71%5000
Ventrilo Servers
chlorine.typefrag.com:59014 (&)Ohio, SamuelDeuter connected23 days 99.92%149
Minecraft Servers
pyro.no-ip.biz:25565 (&)California, Pyro connected170 days 94.21%2
Inactive Servers
These servers have not been online for extended periods of time.
ribose.no-ip.org:9367 (&) The connection timed out.New York, Ribose disconnected 47.64%5000
jbls.zomgmo.com:9367 The connection timed out.Georgia, GreeD. disconnected113 days 37.24%5000
bnls.bnetdev.net:9367 (&) The connection timed out.Georgia, BnetDev disconnected98 days 35.94%5000
vbls.thruhere.net:9367 The connection timed out.New Hampshire, Tristan disconnected 31.3%5000
jbls.bnetweb.org:9367 (&) The connection timed out.Illinois, Scope disconnected80 days 22.36%5000
bnls.bliskhosting.com:9367 The connection timed out.Illinois, BliskHostingdisconnected 7.37%5000
BeEazie.no-ip.org:9367 The connection timed out.Florida, Be-Eaziedisconnected115 days 33.73%5000
jaguarbnls.no-ip.info:9367 The connection timed out.Rebeldisconnected 16.6%5000
7thace.no-ip.org:9367 (&) The connection timed out.Georgia, 7thAce disconnected33 days 59.99%5000
wardenbnls.mattkv.net:9367 The connection timed out.California, Matthew disconnected85 days 17.97%5000
jbls.clanlegacy.net:9367 The connection timed out.North Carolina, s3v3ndisconnected134 days 61.3%5000
bnls.theskyproject.net:9367 (&) The connection timed out.Washington, Tristandisconnected 5.3%5000
jbls.clanbnu.net:9367 The connection timed out.Massachusetts, Clan BNU disconnected117 days 70.12%5000
Legacy Servers
These servers are no longer checked by the bot, and only exist on the list because they were at one time useful.
alendar.no-ip.org:9367 (&) The connection timed out.New York, Alendar disconnected 46.69%5000
jbls.org:9367 Could not resolve address.Joe disconnected179 days 34.47%5000
hdx.jbls.org:9367 The connection timed out.Manitoba, iago disconnected180 days 30.78%5000
jbls.idiat.com:9367 The connection timed out.Illinois, idiat disconnected 30.79%5000
distant.no-ip.org:9367 (&) The connection timed out.New York, Distant disconnected 44.29%5000
valhallalegends.com:9367 The connection timed out.Texas, Clan vL disconnected 5000
server.allgamer.net:9367 The connection timed out.Texas, Clinton disconnected 9.54%5000
darkelements.org:9367 The connection timed out.Pennsylvania, Mikedisconnected 12%5000

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