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MSN: connection_lost (azeroth), vbscript (azeroth)


Email (gmail)

StealthBot Profile

MSN: idiat (azeroth), naivete (azeroth)


The usernames "PyBot" and "Naivete" are testing accounts on Azeroth, and possibly West, Asia and Europe. Overall, we are only responsible for them on East.

Any questions or concerns about the sections of this site can also be directed to Clan BoT on all Realms.

PyBot Contributors

connection_lost - Developer

idiat - Developer

Eric([nK]) - Endless supply of suggestions for the way bots can be developed

Jack - Python consult, original queue-by-bit design

Pyro(6) - Endless loves for teh PyBotz <33

wxPython - GUI modules

py2exe - Compiles any PyBot files into executable formats

Credit where due

PhiX - Donated space on his host for this project

Pyro6 - Runs the daemon that checks JBLS/BNLS servers

Mirror hosts - Hosting PyBot and plugin downloads

The_Black_Ninja - Assists with plugin database

Plugin authors - Always at the ready to code for the community


It's unfortunate I need one of these, but I must say it. We are not responsible for any account closures, IP bans, or CD-Key bans you recieve for maliciously using PyBot. Additionally, many algorithms used to hash data are interpreted by those who wrote them. That means there may or may not be errors resulting in the infamous 2-week IP-ban that shortly follows an Invalid CDKey message. Simply don't be stupid and follow's Terms of Use. Also be aware that we licensed PyBot with a GNU General Public License. It is open source software and free for anyone to view, however that does not mean you can freely copy it without permission. Any concerns can be directed to any of the emails, addresses and etc listed under "contact" above.

(c) 2008 andy aka "VBScript"