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GDB Owners Manual

Last Edit: July 7th, 02:22:58 AM

The GDB Manual

Welcome to the Global Database information for owners. So lets get started.

The GDB will take information from your bot for this site obviously. If you didn't know that you're looking in the wrong place. However, at first you are given a password and username. You will need to open your configuration and input that information. The bot will recognize this and begin submitting information.

To set your information, type the following in your bot:

  1. /bcp gdbinfo USERNAME PASSWORD
  2. /bcp gdbloc

All 3 pieces of information will be supplied in your confirmation letter, or if you registered: you know your information.

The server will interupt you if:

  • You intentionally alter the script to send the wrong information.
  • You change channels (even accidently)
  • The server is being upgraded.
  • You are sending too much data or have gotten invalid password.

The server will make you update if:

  • Your script is out of date.
  • Your translations are out of date.
  • There is a user profile progressed farther than what you are requesting.

Important notes:

  • You cannot reverse changes made to the GDB.
  • Your games appear on a large collective list.
  • Users can't move channels on the same realm (ex/ a user registered to Clan ChX cannot go to Clan DwK and be updated on the GDB on USEast).

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