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The Global Database FAQ

This is a list of frequent questions/problems associated the the GDB.

Q: Why does it show level zero (0) for some users?
A: The older beta versions of the script do not include level or do so incorrectly because of the 2.7 transition. This does not affect the usage of the GDB at all.

Q: Why are there doubles?
A: Doubles occur when the list purges from @USEast transitions or ladder resets. In the future, this should disappear.

Q: Is Bob@USEast the same as Bob@Europe?
A: No.

Q: What if someone else registers for my channel but is not actually a part of it?
A: The bots can only do, and not undo, changes to the GDB. This means all the bots in the list could update a profile from your channel, but can only improve it.

Q: Then what if I switch channels?
A: The list is periodically cleared, specifically every 1st of the month, or on a tuesday that ends up far away from the 1st. (WoW server update style)

Q: Are GDB accounts part of the forum?
A: Registered users and bots are kept separately, however you make the account first, and your account therefore makes the bot. Binding one to the other, but not vice-versa. The account you will use for the forum is the one you registered with.

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