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GDB Databases

This page contains general information about the commiting process, and the sort of disclaimer.

Each database is a unique user register on the global database, the bubbles next to their status will denote their bots responsiveness. The strong green dot is displayed for bots that have updated something in the past 30 minutes. The bright yellow shows that a bot has been idle for an extensive length of time. The dark red dot denotes complete unresponsiveness.

The status itself will either show you their online status or display a note. The standard script reports absent for a bot that is opting not to report data at the moment, and offline or unknown for bots that are completely down, and most likely not even running.

I am not responsible if Blizzard plays me like Google Street View and hunts down your bots. You volunteered to be on the list, and as a private business entity, I will not defend you if such a controversy arises. Please be respectful of the free service made available to you, anger in a situation as mentioned is honestly unacceptable.

This website is English, is hosted on an English host, and is run by English players. This means be polite and don't speak French, Spanish or any other non-English language through your bots or directly. Please also avoid Engrish.

Please avoid intentionally offensive names. The things your culture considers offensive may not be the same elsewhere. Light profanity is tolerable, but complete and blatant attempts at offending other users will end up getting your host warned, and if the warnings are ignored, removed.

Finally, if you're going to scrape my website make sure I don't notice. If its obvious enough for me to see you're doing it too much.

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