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Commands Explained

I should not have to explain this section. It speaks for itself. The commands shown below are the hardcoded names and access levels, not aliases or config hacks.

If it is red in parenthesis, it was the name of this command in 1.8. Note: most of the time "bcpcommand"-style commands can be called without "bcp" in them.


login20Allows you to login if you meet the specified requirements. This allows you to run games.
logout20The opposite of login.
forcelogin60Allows you to login someone and ignore the requirements.
forcelogout60Allows you to logout someone.
games0Returns the list of currently open games (if enabled).
bcpfind 2.0.20Find a user based on character or username.
bcpeval 2.0.20Evaluates the bot's database and gives you an overview of its size.
bcpfastest 2.0.20Returns the fastest game completed.
top 2.0.30Returns the top X (5) users.
pref hcn0Toggles display of account instead of character name
pref hd0Toggles display of game duration upon completion
pref hidegame0Toggles display of your games on the GDB (single user only)
career 2.0.30Mirrors .career info
career info0Returns an overview of your career (myinfo)
career reset0Gives you a code to confirm a deletion or reset (resetmyinfo)
career rank 2.0.30Returns your rank comparatively. (rank)
getcareer 2.0.30Mirrors .getcareer info
getcareer info 2.0.30Returns an overview of someone's career (getinfo)
getcareer rank 2.0.30Returns someone's rank comparatively.

In-Bot Only: (/bcp command arguments)

/bcp gdbinfousername passwordSets your GDB username and password. Do not use unless you know why.
/bcp gdblochttplocationSets the GDB location.
/bcp cfg[set/get] section key [value if using set]Modifies a configuration entry.
/bcp version 2.0.5no paramsReturns a message with information related to the bot's version.
/bcp eagleeyes 2.0.5[enable/disable]Modifies EagleEye functionality.
/bcp reset 2.0.6usernameResets the games of the specified user.
/bcp purge 2.0.3amountClears all users with less than number amount of runs.
/bcp disable 2.0.6Temporarily turns the script to silent/off mode.
/bcp enable 2.0.6Restores script functionality.
/bcp update 2.0.6Checks for script updates.
/bcp transupdate 2.0.6Checks for translation updates.
/bcp news 2.0.6Checks for new news.
/bcp setup 2.0.6Runs the setup for settings.
/bcp find 2.0.6Looks for the specified user and returns their last known data.

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