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If you would like to see older logs, they are always contained at the top of the file in code comments (but not in beta versions.)

Scripts (2.7+)

Betas (2.0.6)

ChangeLog for 2.0.6

ChangeLog for 2.0.6 (id 20600, 20601)
* Added a quick disable/enable for the script's internal functions (the new scripting system isn't forgiving at all)
--the bot will still do some things (such as reset the GDB on/off toggle)
* Fixed a bug where the bot raises an error over a blank command
* The script now checks for updates since 2.0.6, but does not download them for you
* Added /bcp update  command which checks for script updates
* Added /bcp transupdate  command which checks for translations file updates
* Added /bcp mutual  command which allows you to check if a friend is logged in and mutual (deprecated, for testing)
* Added /bcp news  command which gets the news for your version
* Added LogoutOnNoMutual=int config entry, which is the time in minutes after a user has logged in that
the bot will check their friend mutuality. If they aren't mutual or have gone offline, they will be removed
--this only works if the bot has not been restarted: in testing
* Added LogoutOnOffline config entry, which removes people if they are offline on your friends list periodically
--this only happens if they are a runner
--this follows the same time constraint as the game message display
* Added /bcp config open  command to open the settings file in the default editor (changes are automatic)
* Added IsLadder profile setting to user profiles to fix temporary unknowns until someone rejoins the channel
* Added IsHardcore profile setting ^
* Added IsExpansion profile setting ^
* The bot will now mark ladder, nonladder and hardcore on the GDB
* The bot will not use the GDB for the duration of the session if it becomes unavailable for any reason
  --this resets when the bot logs on *meaning you can reconnect to reset it
* Replaced the FOREWARD in the script file with a nonedit warning
* Added /bcp setup  command which runs an interface to help you set up the bot
--this includes GDB setup
* The firstrun message now tells you such a command exists IN BIG LETTERS.
* The bots will now ignore Diablo-only commands from users that aren't using Diablo
--effected commands: getinfo, myinfo, login, logout, games
* When reporting command invalidity, the bot will now say the command and the required access
* Reworded some responses that only make sense to people who know more than a "normal" person does (they were
created when the script was in beta, and only developers needed to read it)
* Added /bcp find  command that works in the same fashion as the in-game one, it is however more descriptive
* Fixed a bug where hardcore flags stick to users even after rejoining the channel (ChX-Dragon)
* Fixed a bug where ladder flags stick to users even after rejoining the channel (ChX-Dragon)
* Changed a potential type mismatch from product comparisons (ChX-Dragon)
* Fixed the error occuring because %game is replaced before %gametime, thereby making the latter give the wrong value or never appear (ChX-Dragon)
* Added information for files and locations at the top of the script. In case this is ever necessary, it is now in the script itself.
* Added the option to show MessageBox notifications for things the bot has done or needs your help with to assist users who like to minimize at startup (Main:ShowDialogs = boolean)
--effected events: translation updates, script updates, gdb turning off
* Changed the way news is read so that it can see links
* Added UseNewestProfile entry, which can be used to completely turn off GDB downloads for newer profiles  by setting it to False (Behavior:UseNewestProfile = boolean)
* Fixed an index error that occured when a translation mismatch occurs
* The translation warning message no longer shows English to English
* Removed unused functions and classes (code only)
* Added a simple error escape for commands (you will no longer see the obnoxious StealthBot warning when mistyping a command)
* Added /bcp reset  command; this command allows you to reset a single person's game count and information (same clear method as purge)
* The .myinfo command now includes the player's rank
* Added Translations:GermanLanguageSupport=Boolean under translations, which simply hard removes " eingeklinkt" from game names (the space is included). Enabled by default.
* Setting filters to nothing turns them off, and will no longer raise an error
* Added Behavior:AutoLock=Boolean to automatically lock the bot's window when BCP loads

### YNI (but still in code)
* The bot will now check to see if the user logging in is a mutual friend (experimental, the bot takes a moment to update)
* Added MsgMutualError config entry which is copied to the user when they are not a mutual friend (requires the above)

* This release was coupled with a GDB reset and Blizzard also reset their ladder. If you experience any problem just turn GDB off temporarily.

Betas (2.0.5)

ChangeLog for 2.0.5

ChangeLog for 2.0.5 (id 20500)
* Added dozens of debug messages
* Added EagleEyes, a method to see what the bot sees that most users
ignore in chat (works similar to .NET IDE's intellisense)
* Added /bcp version command to check bot version and translations
* Added /bcp eagleeyes [status] where [status] is "enable" or "disable"
(no quotes): see above
* Fixed the problem with users not being found (StealthBot scripts ignore
scripting events with insufficient arguments, didn't realize that)
* Open Characters (not ephemeral characters) are now treated as non-diablo players.

Betas (2.0.4)

ChangeLog for 2.0.4

* The plugin is now a StealthBot 2.7 script.
* Added news module
* Replaced the old BCP domain I used with the new .net domain

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