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League of Legends

OP ePvPBaal

Realms: Europe

Game Avg:87855
Time Total:42w 3d 17h 50m 20s
Time Avg:2m 57s
Level Avg:95
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Runners from OP ePvPBaal

1stErbse-Epvp1 MadeByMirko 99213323 15s
2ndsun_rush xXx_Rush 98204909 11s
3rdpaladin1 hondatadakatso 98203560 14s
4PhoeniX-III GreaseII 98203279 3s
5ninety-nine shoooopp 98202946 11s
6corner FunkyHdin 98202226 2s
7Erbse-Epvp OneorOne 96202163 9s
8xBorsti SMF_Ordbor 98201784 6s
9kal_el duheld 97201605 7s
10kal_el2 kalsama 98201370 6s
11Erbse-Epvp2 ichweisnicht 97200760 1s
12kal_el1 highheels 98200690 6s
13valk1 Coneh 97200633 1s
14harzer6 Eisenhart-BE 98200387 2s
15cspr-mfp cspr-mfpp 98200374 5s
16itstrue4 PreOrder 93200253 
171chris1803 FSC_Syrac 91200190 
18chris1803 FSC_Sethorax 91200058 
19skrillex2 Requested 98130323 6s
20mou_3 ReptilianInside 971376 7m 23s ePvP-LocalHero 971060 14m 25s
22csar Csar 98935 3m 46s
23baalin. Obalix 95568 3m 50s
24sunracer xXx_Hero 95559 8m 13s
25EL-Mecco3 EL-Shining 96531 4m 53s
26teMpLaXXXL teMpZweiElfXXL 96503 10m 2s
27Rippe93 Marc_Hdin 92299 5m 50s
28kidlocu7 goatselover 97183 6m 29s
29ViL ViL 95167 3m 1s
30itstrue Specky 90166 5m 28s
31der-w23 derwII-III 93148 3m 14s
32neill1983 therealpala 94123 3m 50s
33secretlife LOLD 9389 3m 1s
34Thanked2 DnA-B 9179 5m 54s
35Steve123 SteveMfSorc 9559 3m 21s
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