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Note: You can now message me using the built-in mailing system. It's new so if you have any problems you can still send it to my StealthBot mailbox.


This website is dedicated to the next generation of BCP, dubbed BCP 2.0 Beta. The earlier versions have many aspects to be improved on as well as many bugs, missing features and the fact it is extremely unforgiving. To make up for this, and to exploit all possible features to their fullest, I have compiled a list of desired features for 2.0, as usual, you can send me a message if you want something added. You can find anything from help topics to every database on

The database is currently open to registration.

Website & Plugin Development

  • IAreConnection: Web page layout, lead plugin developer
  • Clan ChX: Thanks to steve and his crew for being so tolerant with bugs :P
  • StealthBot: Great bot and plugin platform, and hosting BCP for everyone
  • Kyle (Clan ChX): Created the icons and art for ladder and realms

Moderators and GDB Administrators

  • Virus: English & Spanish GDB Administration
  • Steve: English Moderator




Developing and maintaining things of this caliber is NOT free. Please remember that bandwidth is extremely expensive, and abusing this website or BCP can result in you being removed from them. Feel free to show some appreciation by sending a thank you our way, and pointing out fakes to the public.

Thank you,


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